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Already more than 200 rescue organizations worldwide trust and use AQUAEYE and have integrated it into their water rescue strategy.


With AQUAEYE, up to 8000 square meters of the water surface can be searched and assessed in less than 5 minutes. AQUAEYE is a tool for first responders that helps you coordinate your rescue forces. By first surveying the situation underwater, you can direct your rescuers to the location where a potential victim has been identified by AQUAEYE

AQUAEYE uses Artificial Intelligence to decide which echoes match those of a human body and displays the position of potential victims on the screen. Distance, direction, and approximate depth can be determined and used to brief rescue professionals. Additional information about the situation can be obtained from the sonar raw data display – EchoMap

It is not always possible to save a victim alive. AQUAEYE increases these chances, but it is no guarantee to save someone alive. Nevertheless, AQUAEYE can and is used not only for rescue but also for the search and recovery of victims.

AQUAEYE transmits a sonar pulse to a depth or distance of 50 meters and evaluates the returning echo using state-of-the-art AI-assisted sonar technology. AQUAEYE marks potential victims with an X and targets that are not clearly identified but have a high chance of being a victim with an O.

With the AQUAEYE portable rescue sonar device, rescuers can identify potential victims for the first time within seconds of being submerged in water. This change in search tactics in water rescue can have a positive impact on the safety of your rescue team because water is often a dangerous place. Therefore, the fewer rescuers have to enter the water, the safer you are and the fewer resources you need. These facts are especially important in the aftermath of a natural disaster

By speeding up the search, AQUAEYE can help significantly reduce the time your team spends in the water. Rescue teams can be guided to the scene of the incident in a targeted and accurate manner. Efficient use of your resources is important because teams that are in a single location during a lengthy water rescue or recovery cause resource bottlenecks that can lead to longer response times at other search locations and more man-hours.

The operation of AQUAEYE is kept very simple and the device is quickly ready for use. The screens are backlit and offer high contrast and are readable even underwater. The operation and interpretation of the AQUAEYE search results should be practiced but after about 2 hours of training, you will achieve high-quality results in complex scenarios.

It is not always possible to get close enough to rocks with the expensive side scan sonar. Or you have to worry about using it in the harbor between the many obstacles. It may also be unwise to deploy such a sonar under a pier. This is where AQUAEYE comes in, ideal for searching, rescuing, or recovering victims in such places.

AQUAEYE is built to keep your costs down. However, it is not only the pure purchase of the device that has to be taken into account but also the savings that are possible by operating the device throughout your organization. In particular, the TCO Total Cost of Ownership must be taken into account. AQUAEYE is built in such a way that it is stable and durable on the one hand and suitable for many different application scenarios on the other.


Scanning with AQUAEYE Sonar from an elevated position can be disadvantageous, as safe and steady handling is essential. This is not always possible from elevated positions. We recommend the AQUAEYEREACH” – A 1.5-meter long pole that helps you achieve perfect results when scanning from a pier, harbor, ship, boat, ice surface, or from a narrow bridge.

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Immerse AQUAEYE parallel to the surface, the sensor already has the correct inclination


AQUAEYE has a backlit LCD screen that allows a good reading of the results.


By pressing this button long, AQUAEYE is ready for the first scan within 10 seconds

AQUAEYE® by Vodasafe – Portable Mobile Rescue Sonar Device


Select the scan distance 10, 20 or 50 meters by pressing this button short


Start the scan by pulling (and releasing) the trigger while device is under water


The ergonomic handle gives you a safe and stable scan at all times

PROTECT your patients after recovery – RIGLOO RESCUER – Rescue shelters, medical shelters & ambulance shelters for pre-hospital use

PROTECT your equipment with NANUK Hardcases – Of course, AQUAEYE is also stowed in a Hardcase from NANUK. But there might be more you want to protect …

MORE freedom of movement  – TABLET-EX-GEAR – Allows you to comfortably wear the tablet system on your chest. Always available, always protected

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